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Clarissa Kristjansson

Thrive In Menopause

An online programme to help women navigate the menopause transition, so they can fell more in control of this lifestage.
Benefits of Thrive
Have better energy and focus
Prioritise holistic well-being
Harness resilience to allow you to adapt to this changing time of life
Reduce anxiety and stress
Feel empowered and in control of this time of life
How It Works
Online Program
A comprehensive self-paced 5-step program including training videos, Audiolessons, worksheets and workbooks to guide your learning growth and help you gain insight about your menopause journey. 
Proven Plan
Success is not a stroke of luck. Follow proven and actionable strategies to manage change, regain confidence and experience a new sense of freedom and energy.
Expert Support
Three private 50-minute coaching calls with an experienced menopause coach to support the online work.
Private Slack group for ongoing support and consultation.
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For women who want to feel empowered, resourced, educated and deeply connected to their menopause journey.

Who Is It For

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Why Does It Exist

It's not optional! 100% of women go through menopause. Although physical symptoms may be addressed, often the mental and emotional support to enable them to thrive is missing.
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Don't Waste Time Experimenting
Leading Expertise At Your Fingertips
My name is Clarissa; I am a neuroscientist, menopause health coach, certified mindfulness teacher, and Traditional Chinese medicine practitioner. I am the founder of Thriving Through Menopause, a coaching program that focuses on supporting women who want to manage their health and well-being naturally during menopause.

During my career, I have helped hundreds of women who are transitioning through menopause learn how to use mind-body practices to manage change, regain confidence and experience a new sense of freedom and energy.

I have combined 30 years of experience and education to create a holistic mind-body approach to address not only the physical but the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the menopause transition.

My program gives women world-leading expertise at their fingertips to not only achieve relief from common symptoms but also to make lasting transformational changes to their wellbeing and to embrace the opportunities of the next chapter in life, their ‘Second Spring’.
Clarissa Kristjansson
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Would you like to feel great again? This is for you!
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Clarissa Kristjansson
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